Call to Community Introdution

Chapter 1 C

The Call to Community that took place in 1995  (Community Council Chapter) was one of the most significant moments in the life of the Northumbria community. It marked the beginning of a challenging and painful three year period of transition… (READ MORE)

new monastcism

new monasticism/introduction

At the heart of Northumbria Community you will find Celtic Daily Prayer (office) and A Way for Living (rule) both reflect the influence of the monastic tradition in the development of community ethos. For while the history and development of… (READ MORE)

landscape of the heart

landscape of the heart

In the garden of the Nethersprings, hidden beneath the trees, is a small wooden hut. There are no windows, the furniture is simple, a table, a chair and a candle. Of the many visitors who come to the Nethersprings, many… (READ MORE)

the place of resurrection

place of resurrection

In August 1994, soon to be married Clare Underwood and Ant Grimley made a journey to Nethersprings to share their new dance production Brendan. Little did they know that they were bringing a ‘word from the Lord’ that would deeply… (READ MORE)

Linda's blog


The intention of the is to collect the many memories, stories, documents, letters, lectures, photographs – indeed any information that relates to the foundation of the Northumbria Community – and make this material available online. We are fortunate to… (READ MORE)



To get to the foundation of the Northumbria Community you have to dig deep, and dig we must, for if we become distant from our beginning, we are vulnerable to loss of meaning in the present and without direction for… (READ MORE)


Hetton Homecoming?

Returning to Hetton …..After ten years …..…..long time…! Before coming back to Hetton my memories were moving in my heart and head like little whirlwinds. So many familiar faces, so many relived conversations and dance moments…..all good, all cherished times…. (READ MORE)

the house that john built

The House That John Built

Ask for the old paths, the ancient paths, where the good way is, and you will find rest for your souls (Jeremiah 6v16) Set up waymarks for those who will return by this way (Jeremiah 31v21) In 1991 it was… (READ MORE)

andy raine interview

Andy Raine Interview June 2009 In this 4 part interview Andy shares some of his memories of the Northumbria Community including the call to community, faithful friends and easter workshops. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Leaving Hetton Hall

LEAVING HETTON HALL How do l feel leaving Hetton Hall…….? Mixed feelings……sad to see the end of a chapter, but remembering John’s prophecy a few years ago that the House would close, a Diaspora begin and the focus would be… (READ MORE)


Returning to Holy Island

When we left Northumbria I thought we were never coming back. I remember going down to St. Cuthbert’s Island to offer up to him the broken pieces of our departure, and then visiting the church at Bamburgh the site where St. Aidan died to… (READ MORE)

Eglingham Hall

The Missing Album

Continuing from my last blog and the saga of ‘The Missing Album’ l mentioned in my last blog a missing photo album that detailed John, Andy and myself and our twenty year contribution to the community , the rediscovery and… (READ MORE)

connexion front page 1

Easter Workshops 1980 Communication

Easter Workshop 1980 COMMUNICATION 1) The act of communicating. 2) The imparting, conveying, or exchanging of ideas, knowledge etc. The act of giving information COMMUNICATIVE That has the quality, or habit of communicating; ready to communicate information etc., open, talkative…. (READ MORE)


Rocky and the Master Builder 1977

Rocky by John Skinner 1977 There once was a rock whose name was ‘Rocky’… now Rocky was a rolling stone, but unlike some stones that had rolled about a bit, Rocky had gathered a lot of moss and got into… (READ MORE)

John's Blog

Émigré Initiatives: Historical Support

Émigré Connexion Facebook: Initiatives Émigré Initiatives are everyday attempts to work out in a down to earth kind of way how new monasticism, relates and interacts with various aspects of life, faith, and daily living. Some of the initiatives are… (READ MORE)

John  Prague

Émigré Initiatives: Ekklesia Historical Perspectives

Émigré Ekklesia working towards the affirmation, location and formation of a new type of monasticism in the one holy catholic and apostolic Church We have begun a discussion on our New Monasticism Forum on the Émigré Initiative: Ekklesia. We are supporting the discussion… (READ MORE)


Émigré Initiatives: a constructive subversion

Émigré Initiatives: a constructive subversion I went on retreat in the late 80’s to Emmanuel House in Clonfert with my good friend Ken Wise, the house was founded by our  new  friends Michael and Annette Cullen. They had left their… (READ MORE)

internal émigré

internal émigré/ introduction

The single most important key to understanding the foundation of the Northumbria Community can be found in the crisis of faith that was the common experience of the few who first started out on the journey. Like most ordinary folk,… (READ MORE)


Brother Roland Walls RIP

Andy Raine rang last Thursday (April 7th 2011) to let me know Br. Roland Walls had gone to be with the Lord. In the days that followed I have been recalling memories of this dear man, my mentor and close… (READ MORE)

Monster Google Eye


Monsters (An introduction) I first heard the Monsters story during a lecture given by Mary Phipps at Lincoln Theological College in 1980. I thought then, as I have throughout the years, that it was a simple story with a profound… (READ MORE)

geordie monk

Geordie the Monk: John Skinner 1991

Geordie the Monk/The Bell Before the time of computers and the internet, cars and motorcycles, electricity and steam, there lived a young man called Geordie.  Geordie worked a farm, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, 52 weeks of… (READ MORE)