linda skinner dance


Linda Skinner Dance

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  1. Tiggy

    Hi Linda, nice to see you again! :-)

    I used to spend hours doing dance-drama in our through lounge to records when I was a teenager. We have a lot of dance at the church I go to now. We’re lucky enough to have a professional dance teacher in the congregation and she involves people of all ages and does amazing work with the littl’uns. We dance a lot in the congregation and have coloured flags to wave. One of the kids with Down Syndrome is particularly adept with flags – I just try not to poke anyone’s eye out. I usually choose a red one so I can pretend I’m in Les Miserables, manning the barricades.

    Maybe I should take up dancing again as I’m trying to lose weight. I might go to belly-dance classes as I used to do that and have the clothes.

    Tiggy x

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