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Émigré Initiatives are everyday attempts to work out in a down to earth kind of way how new

monasticism, relates and interacts with various aspects of life, faith, and daily living. Some of the initiatives are new, while others have been quietly but significantly influencing the shape and form of new monasticism for over three decades.

Join us in further developing Émigré Initiatives to meet the challenge of the rising popularity and rapid growth of new monasticism that is anticipated in this decade.

Some of our group have been involved with Émigré and new monasticism for many years; others have only recently started on the journey. As a result, we can see a problem arising as we each look at the Émigré Initiatives from a different starting point. For example with the initiative Émigré Ekklesia;

Émigré Ekklesia

working towards the affirmation,

location and formation of a new type of

monasticism in the one holy catholic

and apostolic Church.

It was in 1985  when we first approached David Jenkins the then Bishop of Durham to support the location and formation of new monastic communities in the Anglican Church. He wisely declined, suggesting the ‘desert’ would be a better place to start. This was the beginning of what would become an ongoing dialogue with the church(s) and new monasticism which in the early days was for the most part was confrontational, tense, and at times, decidedly unpleasant.

Recently, I had lunch in Izmir, with several of our clergy, and our Assistant Bishop, David Hamid. We had a brief conversation about the relationship between new monasticism and the Anglican Church. He said some very positive things about Fresh Expressions and the way in which New Monasticism was interacting in some sectors of the Anglican Church. It was very encouraging to have such a conversation and to finally see such progress taking place. However the struggle to make such progress began many years earlier in less favourable circumstances.

To help overcome the difficulty of approaching Émigré Initiatives from different starting points we plan to run alongside our discussions both the history and recent developments for each initiative.  History will be managed on John’s Blog on www.northumbriacommunity.com and recent developments managed on the www.newmonasticism.com

Please feel free to join us…

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