Internal émigrés: Has anybody got the original audio tapes?

Emigre image

We are trying to find copies of the audio tapes from the  internal émigrés lecture series Roy, Andy and I prepared which took place through out the winter months of 1991 at Old Bewick.This was just before we moved to Hetton Hall and the official foundation of the Northumbria Community. We have the original flyer we put out, advertising the series, I will post it on the Art and Documents page soon. We have one tape, New Monasticism which was a lecture I gave, and several of the essays including; History of  The Northumbria Church (Rex Gardiner) The Celtic Church (Paul Cullity) Communities of Hope (John Skinner) New Monasticism (John Skinner) The Desert Fathers (John Skinner) I know Andy and Roy did several lectures and it would be great to put the original series together. These are important historical documents for both the development of the Northumbria Community and the emergence of a new type of monasticism. If you can remember who took part, please leave us a note so we can contact them directly. Thank You! JTS

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