Lenten Desert: Myths Monsters Logosmoi An Exercise of the Imagination

SimonPeter's Mother in Law

Lenten Desert: Myths Monsters Logosmoi

An Imagination Exercise

There are three simple elements that contribute to an imaginary journey:

Imagination- Discernment – Mystery.

We are going to kick off with an Imagination Exercise called:

Peter’s Mother in Law

Peter was one of the first Disciples of Jesus Christ. He was Jewish; a family man; a fisherman with his own boat and business; his brother Andrew was a disciple of Jesus;

He was head strong, courageous, impulsive, forceful, a leader. We will say more about Peter later.

As a Jewish man he was expected and obliged to look after the spiritual and

material welfare of his extended families, including his In-Laws. This meant work was obligatory as was following Jewish religious traditions.

Now imagine for one minute the shock and bewilderment when Peter announced to his family that he planned to join Jesus the carpenter, an itinerant , controversial, unofficial religious teacher on a preaching tour in the region.

Now, using your imagination, put yourself in Peter’s Mother-in-Laws shoes and attempt to answer this question:

When Peter returned home and explained to his   family

he was joining Jesus on a preaching tour:

What questions did Peter’s Mother-in-Law ask?

As a guideline try and ask:

5 Practical questions

5 Emotional questions

5 Spiritual questions

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