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I plan to share some stories with you how various people I have known came to face their monsters. Please respect these stories because they are about real people who faced difficult and painful times in their lives and who have given me permission to share those times with you.

Some of these stories are disturbing, and I would recommend you give them a miss if you are feeling a little bit emotionally stretched or psychologically vulnerable at the moment. Also, Monster Hunters are people who have travelled the landscape of the heart, by that, I mean they have learned skills and have experience in discerning the source of monsters. It is not an activity that should be undertaken lightly or casually.

Those things said lets listen to some of the stories before we go to the theory of Monsters.

P’s Story

P was due to be admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital when he was first introduced to us by a Methodist Minister. He wouldn’t describe his self as a Christian but he felt that his problem needed spiritual as well medical help. He was 28 years old.

He had trouble sleeping and when he did drop off he had terrible nightmares, really strange ones that seemed to have nothing to do with his everyday life. He described himself as being anxious all the time, tense and uptight, with an impending sense of doom. He had started to withdraw from his family and friends and was struggling to concentrate at work. He was physically and emotionally exhausted and was having dark thoughts about his future thinking he might die soon. His Doctor, after giving him a full physical examination suggested he volunteer to spend sometime in a nearby psychiatric unit so they could get an idea of what was going on and treat him accordingly.

As we sat and chatted, I noticed he became calmer and before long he was relatively relaxed. He was happy to talk about his past so we could try and get some idea where this monster may have been coming from. He had a supportive family, healthy relationships, a job he loved, and until this episode there had been no other psychological disturbances.
Over the years we have learned that monsters can be a result of external influences
and thought this to be possible in P’s case.

I asked him when the problems had first started, if the difficulties he was experiencing had developed over a period of time or had come on quickly, and if there had been any major changes in his life recently?

P had only recently moved house. He had lived with his Mum, Dad and two younger brothers most of his life, but had moved to his own place to be nearer work and his girlfriend. His problems appear to have started at the same time. He had got depressed and felt dark and gloomy pretty quickly, it had not been a gradual decline.

His Doctor had suggested that moving out of the family home and going it alone had been the trigger for an anxiety induced depression, hence the suggestion for psychiatric treatment.

I asked if I could visit him at his new home the next day, before he admitted himself to the Psychiatric Unit. He agreed, and left for home, fairly calm and relaxed.
The next morning the Methodist Minister and I went to visit P. As soon as he answered the door we could see the anxiety and tension in his face. He looked nervous and fearful, not like the relaxed young man that had said goodbye to us yesterday. He was relieved we had come.
When we walked in the house, I could sense and smell the presence of the darker side of the spiritual world. It is a lingering heaviness, once you encounter it time feels like it is slowing down, and you feel like you are dragging your body around.

After several minutes praying I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to ask if we could lift the carpet in the living room. I think both P and the Methodist Minister thought I was now beginning to act strangely. Fortunately there were still a few pieces of furniture in the room and the carpet, though heavy was not fitted and together we rolled it to one side. In the middle of the floor were a series of occult signs and symbols used by people who practice Satan worship and witchcraft.

When P saw the drawings he wept, because intuitively he had felt there was more to his ‘illness’ than just a house move and these drawings somehow confirmed that for him. We suggested he move back in with his Mum and Dad for a few days while we gave the house both a spiritual and physical cleaning.
We met with P a few days later, he was calm, relaxed and said he felt he was back to being himself. I explained to him the source of his difficulties and that we had dealt with them through invoking the name of Jesus Christ. Pete was afraid that he might not be able to return to the house because of the memories associated with living there, however, after a few visits over several days, he was confident to return home.
We encouraged him to share what happened to him only when it felt really important, and not to chat about it in a flippant way.

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