old bewick


Brother Harold a local hermit and Brother Roland chatted as they walked along the secluded lane that leads to the Church of the Holy Trinity at Old Bewick. It’s a ten minute walk before you reach the end of the lane and only then is the Church in view. This was a first visit for Brother Roland and he had not been told what to expect. Halfway he turned to Brother Harold and said; “whatever is at the end of this lane has a special place in God’s heart and purpose…”

A Celtic Cross at the entrance to the lane that leads to Old Bewick Church is the only clue to its destination. Beside the Church, the land is rich in prehistoric landmarks and is the site of an ancient burial ground and hillfort. Today there is a tiny hamlet of houses and a farm, a good fifteen minutes walk from the Church. The history of the actual Church is uncertain yet it remains ones of those special places where the veil between heaven and earth, time and eternity is thin. A testimony to the prayers and the faith of those who have gone before.

Old Bewick became a special meeting place for the pioneers of community. Permission was granted to turn the old garden shed into a poustinia, offering a place of reflection for the visitors to the church. Here the seeds of the first Office Book were sown in an exercise book that took its place alongside a bed, a stool, a table and a candle. Old Bewick was the place where John and Roy made a covenant of community and where John and Linda would hand over their responsibilities for that community to Roy and Trevor in preparation for the public event at Bradford Cathedral. It was at Old Bewick that people gathered each week in the middle of winter, with blankets and hot water bottles, to explore the history and spirituality of the early Northumbrian Church. It is to Old Bewick that many still turn when seeking the Lord.


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