trevor & freda miller


Trevor and Freda have a long association with the Northumbria Community which reaches deep into the formative years. From interested family members (Freda and John are brother and sister) they became prayerful and practical supporters, close and trusted friends, students and teachers. Trevor was asked to lead a seminar at the 1981 Easter Workshop. Gradually they became more involved in the life of the community, happy to embrace a variety of roles and responsibilities, while at the same time bringing up a family and having an active ministry in the Church. They helped to initiate the Nether Springs Trust and would lead the negotiations between the Nether Springs and Northumbria Ministries. Trevor would be the first Chairman of the Trustees of the new Trust and a Director of the Trading Company. As their involvement grew, so came the conviction that they should leave their ministry in the Baptist Church in Scotland where Trevor was an ordained minister, to explore their vocation at the Nether Springs. They soon became team leaders at the Nether Springs, willing to do the most mundane tasks associated with running the house, with Freda taking on the difficult responsibility with the finance. This was in addition to learning to lead retreats, community weekends and spiritual direction. This period of learning and training would lead to Trevor being nominated and appointed to the leadership of the community, alongside Roy. Trevor and Freda are both actively involved at the Nether Springs and Trevor, together with Roy is a current leader of the community.

Trevor and Freda are ideally situated to help lead the community through its present needs. Their own journey which began with an interest, leading to prayer and practical support, friendship and a gradual deeper embrace of the way of living, until they made it their own, is not untypical of those who begin the journey towards community. Freda’s commitment and compassion for people and Trevor’s thirst for knowledge puts them in a good position to pass on the tradition in which they were nurtured.

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