Alnmouth, Hetton, and a Morris Minor

1960-Morris-Minor (1)


  1. Michael Connaughton

    Haway John, you cannot stop with half a story. What happened next, man!

  2. admin (Post author)

    Its coming Michael……:)

  3. ANDY raine

    how wonderful and refreshing! it brought a big smile to my face to see and hear these old stories. and a belated ‘happy birthday!’ to you, john. you’re always one step ahead of me in getting old – i’ll make the most of the next 3 weeks or so where you’re a year older. thinking of you often at this point. hoping and praying that our partnership together will have good consequences, especially as opportunities open for new monasticism across europe, and as we pray and support one another across the places of the ‘house that john built’. thankyou for all these archives and resources that you’re gathering. i hope that we’ll be able to contribute more to fill in the gaps and tell the same stories from each person’s perspective. it feels like the end of john’s gospel where he says, ‘if the stories were to be told of all that jesus began then i suppose the world itself would not be able to contain the books that would have to be written.’

  4. Michael Connaughton

    Sorry to ask again, but the story has disappeared.


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