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Easter Workshops 1980 Communication

Easter Workshop 1980 COMMUNICATION 1) The act of communicating. 2) The imparting, conveying, or exchanging of ideas, knowledge etc. The act of giving information COMMUNICATIVE That has the quality, or habit of communicating; ready to communicate information etc., open, talkative…. (READ MORE)


Break Down the Walls Andy Raine

Much of the material is not original. I have consciously borrowed from the teaching of Juan Carlos Ortiz and Floyd McClung.   Other sections represent hours of conversation with honest friends.   Please select whatever is good, is true, is… (READ MORE)


Philokalia (Glossary)

GLOSSARY   AGE(–aeon): the ensemble of cosmic duration.  It includes  the angelic orders, and is an attribute of God as the principle and consummation of all the centuries created by Him.  The term is used more particularly in two ways:… (READ MORE)


Thoughts on Solitude

  Solitude is necessary for both the private life and the spiritual life of celibate person.  Many people today are afraid of being alone.  Solitude help us face this fear; it helps us face ourselves.  Celibacy is a positive choosing… (READ MORE)

Saint Columba

The Rule of Columba

The Rule of Columba     Be alone in a separate place near a chief city, if thy conscience is not prepared to be in common with the crowd.   Be always naked in imitation of Christ and the Evangelists…. (READ MORE)

St. Anthony

St. Anthony of the Desert

Life of St. Anthony of the Desert The life and conversation of our holy Father, Anthony: written and sent to the monks in foreign parts by our Father among the Saints, Athanasius, Bishop ofAlexandria.   Athanasius[1] the bishop to the… (READ MORE)


The House That John Built – Teaching Notes

Course notes supporting the forthcoming ‘Celtic Arc’ series are now available here: THTJB FINAL TEACHING NOTES These teaching notes look at the influence of St John the Apostle on the church and the communities that he helped inspire.    


Emigre Geography – Celtic Arc

Emigre Geography extract from ‘The Community Of Jesus’ teaching series – with notes on the Celtic Arc: Émigré Geography NVwebsite