Call to Community Introdution

Chapter 1 C

The Call to Community that took place in 1995  (Community Council Chapter) was one of the most significant moments in the life of the Northumbria community. It marked the beginning of a challenging and painful three year period of transition… (READ MORE)

new monastcism

new monasticism/introduction

At the heart of Northumbria Community you will find Celtic Daily Prayer (office) and A Way for Living (rule) both reflect the influence of the monastic tradition in the development of community ethos. For while the history and development of… (READ MORE)

landscape of the heart

landscape of the heart

In the garden of the Nethersprings, hidden beneath the trees, is a small wooden hut. There are no windows, the furniture is simple, a table, a chair and a candle. Of the many visitors who come to the Nethersprings, many… (READ MORE)

the place of resurrection

place of resurrection

In August 1994, soon to be married Clare Underwood and Ant Grimley made a journey to Nethersprings to share their new dance production Brendan. Little did they know that they were bringing a ‘word from the Lord’ that would deeply… (READ MORE)



To get to the foundation of the Northumbria Community you have to dig deep, and dig we must, for if we become distant from our beginning, we are vulnerable to loss of meaning in the present and without direction for… (READ MORE)

the house that john built

The House That John Built

Ask for the old paths, the ancient paths, where the good way is, and you will find rest for your souls (Jeremiah 6v16) Set up waymarks for those who will return by this way (Jeremiah 31v21) In 1991 it was… (READ MORE)

andy raine interview

Andy Raine Interview June 2009 In this 4 part interview Andy shares some of his memories of the Northumbria Community including the call to community, faithful friends and easter workshops. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

internal émigré

internal émigré/ introduction

The single most important key to understanding the foundation of the Northumbria Community can be found in the crisis of faith that was the common experience of the few who first started out on the journey. Like most ordinary folk,… (READ MORE)

Desert 1

Lenten Desert: Myths Monsters Logosmoi

Some of you will remember the Lent Course John did in 1987: Contemplative Prayer and Inner Crisis ‘In the middle of the night I call your Name’ Skinner 1987 © Recently Sheila Hay was able to send us the original… (READ MORE)



  Contemplative Prayer and Inner Crisis Lent 1987 JOHN T. SKINNER The cry to God as “Father” in the New Testament is not a calm acknowledgement of a universal truth about God’s abstract fatherhood, It is the child’s cry out… (READ MORE)


Brother Roland Walls RIP

Brother Roland Walls RIP Andy rang last Thursday (April 7th 2011) to let me know Br. Roland Walls had gone to be with the Lord. In these days that have followed I have been recalling memories of this dear man,… (READ MORE)

Celtic Arc House that John Built

Celtic Arc House That John Built

Trailer for the forthcoming Celtic Arc series on The House That John Built. Resources now available for download at NorthumbriaCommunity.com


The House That John Built – Teaching Notes

Course notes supporting the forthcoming ‘Celtic Arc’ series are now available here: THTJB FINAL TEACHING NOTES These teaching notes look at the influence of St John the Apostle on the church and the communities that he helped inspire.    


Emigre Geography – Celtic Arc

Emigre Geography extract from ‘The Community Of Jesus’ teaching series – with notes on the Celtic Arc: Émigré Geography NVwebsite  

Northumbria Community Founders


Founders You never know in the routine of your day when a chance meeting, a stray word in a conversation or an unforeseen event will change the course of your life. The moment will probably go unnoticed and only later… (READ MORE)


john & linda skinner

John and Linda would pioneer the place of the Nethersprings and cultivate a spirituality that would find focus in a new monasticism. Although John and Linda are no longer at the heart of the Northumbria Community they continue to have… (READ MORE)


andy raine

(We have chosen a selection of biographical details for Andy, John and Linda which give clues to their self understanding and contribution to the ethos of the community) Andy brought a contagious affection for the holy island of Lindisfarne a… (READ MORE)


chris & sandra haggerstone

Chris and Sandra Haggerstone deserve a special mention in the same breath as the founders of the community. Their association with Andy, and in particular, John and Linda goes back to the very beginnings. They were pioneers of the Nethersprings,… (READ MORE)


ravensdowne home

A Home – Ravensdowne In anticipation of the arrival of their new baby John and Linda were getting ready to move into their new home. Some what reluctantly Berwick County Council had offered them a four bedroom, three reception room,… (READ MORE)

Easter Workshops OK!

easter workshops

The workshops were to be small schools of creativity a place for sharing vision a time of sharing and joining together as one. At Jarrow, the Priest decided at the last minute to cancel the venue. Months of planning were… (READ MORE)


faithful friends

The years of pioneering the Northumbria Community were full of hardships and difficulties. The nature of the journey meant there could be no career or full-time employment, no social definition, no regular income. There could be no permanent home and… (READ MORE)


roy searle

Roy brought a vision for and a commitment to northumbria. He became an ambassador of the upper and nether springs and an apostle of a new monasticism and a partner in leadership of the northumbria community . Roy had been… (READ MORE)


trevor & freda miller

Trevor and Freda have a long association with the Northumbria Community which reaches deep into the formative years. From interested family members (Freda and John are brother and sister) they became prayerful and practical supporters, close and trusted friends, students… (READ MORE)


northumbrian saints

Dr. Rex Gardner. An excellent introduction to the environment and characters of the early Northumbrian Church. Part of the Internal emigres series. Click below to download The Northumbrian Church (unedited lecture 1991)


Northumbria Rule (Picture Version)

This is a ‘kids picture  copy’ of the original Northumbria Rule…Andy Raine spent hours cutting, pasting and copying to put this together. No Copyright for this so please do not reproduce….