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Émigré Initiatives: Historical Support

Émigré Connexion Facebook: Initiatives Émigré Initiatives are everyday attempts to work out in a down to earth kind of way how new monasticism, relates and interacts with various aspects of life, faith, and daily living. Some of the initiatives are… (READ MORE)

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Émigré Initiatives: Ekklesia Historical Perspectives

Émigré Ekklesia working towards the affirmation, location and formation of a new type of monasticism in the one holy catholic and apostolic Church We have begun a discussion on our New Monasticism Forum on the Émigré Initiative: Ekklesia. We are supporting the discussion… (READ MORE)


Émigré Initiatives: a constructive subversion

Émigré Initiatives: a constructive subversion I went on retreat in the late 80’s to Emmanuel House in Clonfert with my good friend Ken Wise, the house was founded by our  new  friends Michael and Annette Cullen. They had left their… (READ MORE)


Brother Roland Walls RIP

Andy Raine rang last Thursday (April 7th 2011) to let me know Br. Roland Walls had gone to be with the Lord. In the days that followed I have been recalling memories of this dear man, my mentor and close… (READ MORE)

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Lenten Desert: Myths Monsters Logosmoi

Some of you will remember the Lent Course John did in 1987: Contemplative Prayer and Inner Crisis ‘In the middle of the night I call your Name’ Skinner 1987 © Recently Sheila Hay was able to send us the original… (READ MORE)