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Northumbria Community.com

The intention of the NorthumbriaCommunity.com is to collect the many memories, stories, documents, letters, lectures, photographs – indeed any information that relates to the foundation of the Northumbria Community – and make this material available online. We are fortunate to… (READ MORE)


Hetton Homecoming?

Returning to Hetton …..After ten years …..…..long time…! Before coming back to Hetton my memories were moving in my heart and head like little whirlwinds. So many familiar faces, so many relived conversations and dance moments…..all good, all cherished times…. (READ MORE)


Leaving Hetton Hall

LEAVING HETTON HALL How do l feel leaving Hetton Hall…….? Mixed feelings……sad to see the end of a chapter, but remembering John’s prophecy a few years ago that the House would close, a Diaspora begin and the focus would be… (READ MORE)


Returning to Holy Island

When we left Northumbria I thought we were never coming back. I remember going down to St. Cuthbert’s Island to offer up to him the broken pieces of our departure, and then visiting the church at Bamburgh the site where St. Aidan died to… (READ MORE)

Eglingham Hall

The Missing Album

Continuing from my last blog and the saga of ‘The Missing Album’ l mentioned in my last blog a missing photo album that detailed John, Andy and myself and our twenty year contribution to the community , the rediscovery and… (READ MORE)