Rocky and the Master Builder 1977

Rocky by John Skinner 1977 There once was a rock whose name was ‘Rocky’… now Rocky was a rolling stone, but unlike some stones that had rolled about a bit, Rocky had gathered a lot of moss and got into… (READ MORE)

Monster Google Eye


Monsters (An introduction) I first heard the Monsters story during a lecture given by Mary Phipps at Lincoln Theological College in 1980. I thought then, as I have throughout the years, that it was a simple story with a profound… (READ MORE)

geordie monk

Geordie the Monk: John Skinner 1991

Geordie the Monk/The Bell Before the time of computers and the internet, cars and motorcycles, electricity and steam, there lived a young man called Geordie.  Geordie worked a farm, 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, 52 weeks of… (READ MORE)